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University Police

The overall safety of Northwest requires the active cooperation, assistance and support of the entire campus community. University Police serves to maintain a safe campus environment and discourage inappropriate activity.

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University Police: 

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Maryville Police and Fire Departments:

Pillars of Success

Everything we do is guided by a set of Pillars that define our commitment; they have been at the core of University Police since its inception.  These enduring Pillars are the shared convictions that we bring to every situation to ensure a safe and secure environment. 


We are dedicated to serving all and we take our responsibilities seriously with integrity and care.  We are passionate about improving the lives of those we serve and we listen and communicate the “why” to develop trust, confidence, and respect.  We connect and foster lifelong relationships that impact the lives of our stakeholders. 


Together, we embrace diversity and hold ourselves to the highest standard. Everyone will support and empower each other while functioning as a team.  We value autonomy and decision making by developing members who are committed to providing knowledgeable, professional, and innovative services. 


University Police Department

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